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166 Boston Street

Unit 3
Boston, MA 02125-4127  U.S.A.





How to reach Dr. Plaud:
Office Telephone: (617) 620-5218
You may also use the form directly below in order to send a message to Dr. Plaud. A response to your inquiry will be given as soon as possible. Thank you.
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Please note that parking is available on Boston Street and the surrounding side streets as well as on Dorchester Avenue during limited periods of the day when Residency Parking is not in force. Please check the parking sign closest to your vehicle on the relevant street you choose to park. The office is also easily accessible using MBTA transportation, which includes Red Line stops at Both JFK/UMass and Andrew Square (preferred), as well as MBTA Bus Routes 16 and 17. Note that both Bus Routes stop adjacent to the office address on both sides of Boston Street. Parking is also available at South Bay.