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Clinical Assessment and Behavior Therapy Services Specializing in Sexual Offender Issues

The clinical assessment and therapy services offered by Applied Behavioral Consultants, LLC (ABC) focus on evaluation and management of issues related to sexually offending behaviors by providing intensive assessment to those suspected of committing a sexual offense as well as comprehensive assessment and treatment services to those adjudicated as sexual offenders. The clinical and consultative services of ABC serve to:

Applied Behavioral Consultants also provides direct clinical services and consultation, which include the following:

ABC Clinical Services

Clinical Services provided by Applied Behavioral Consultants include both individual and group behavioral consultative services, such as:

Behavioral Skills training approaches

Individualized treatment strategies

Group treatment strategies

Clinical Behavioral Assessment

The ABC clinical programs are based upon ongoing and comprehensive clinical assessment of sexual arousal and behavior. This information is very useful for a number of reasons: (1) behavioral and psychophysiological assessment provide for a valid measure of a person's current levels of sexual arousal toward different sexually-oriented stimuli; (2) treatment services can then focus on specific arousal and behavior; (3) clarification of a person's behavioral patterns; and (4) ongoing assessment ensures the adequate measurement of behavioral change over time to evaluate whether or not treatment is effective.

Flexibility in Services

Applied Behavioral Consultants can also perform comprehensive assessments at the setting in which the client resides, from residential homes to secure facilities.

Comprehensive Services

The major goal of the comprehensive assessment services offered by ABC is to assist in making empirically based and validated clinical decisions in the following areas:

  • Identification of persons who exhibit arousal toward both appropriate sexual behaviors and inappropriate sexual behaviors relating to sexual abuse.
  • Identification and formulation of specific treatment programs and safety planning.
  • Determination and evaluation of behavioral alternatives, incorporated directly into each person's individual and specialized treatment services.
  • Reduction of cognitive distortions and inaccuracies evident in self-report of sexual arousal and behavior.
  • ABC consultants also serve as expert witnesses relating to appropriate legal and behavioral forensic issues concerning the assessment and treatment of sexual offenders, including persons with developmental disabilities.

Further information about the services offered through Applied Behavioral Consultants can be obtained by contacting:

Joseph J. Plaud, Ph.D., BCBA-D
Applied Behavioral Consultants, LLC
44 Hickory Lane
Whitinsville, MA 01588-1356

Telephone: (508) 579-0043
Facsimile:   (508) 526-8787

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